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Elephant Watering Can

elephant watering canElephant Watering Can – Cute And Functional

Well and I have to tell you, I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw this. I guess I expected some big, huge, gigantic sized watering can for the backyard. Oh no, it’s actually an elephant-watering can. It’s a watering can in the shape of an elephant. I don’t know why I was surprised; but I was.

Have you looked all over for an elephant watering can?

So where does one purchase an elephant watering can? The same places you might purchase a traditional or vintage watering can. If you’re like a lot of people, you do your shopping on the web. (it is also available at Ace Hardware) has a 2 quart elephant watering can for as little as $6.26. It’s cute, it’s gray like an elephant, the elephant is sitting down… It’s nice. The end of the trunk which is the spot for the water to come out is relatively tiny. So my thinking is that this is for in the house for your house plants. And then has another elephant watering can for the price of $42.95. Wow! What happened there? Here’s what. The $43.00 elephant watering can is nowhere near the same as the cute little $6.00 elephant watering can. For one thing this elephant is standing up. This elephant is more detailed, it has a more grip friendly handle and it looks bigger in the picture. The spout on this elephant is again where the water comes out, but is clearly for outdoor plants. Now I can’t be sure of the size because Amazon didn’t list how many quarts it holds. I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that it’s probably 2 quarts.

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And you thought an elephant was an elephant

Imagine my further surprise upon viewing even more elephant watering cans in even more styles and colors. There was the most adorable little red elephant watering can similar in design to the previously discussed two quart, grey, seated elephant watering can (again for house plants); and there is a bronze looking elephant watering can that it similar in style to the $43.00 one except that this elephant looks like it is sitting down and is about half the price (and is once again for outdoor watering).

Here’s an interesting little surprise

A number of the reviews on Amazon brought an interesting if not amusing problem into view. Several people having ordered the first elephant watering can mentioned in this article (the cute little gray one) and received it with no hole in the top through which to fill it with water! I found it highly amusing. Some of the people who ordered it thinking that it was a functional watering can were slightly less than amused. Some however, actually got kind of a kick out of it and made do. It is by the way, suppose to be a functional watering can. The only other complaint, which really wasn’t a complaint at all, more of an observation; was that if you’re not careful it’s very easy to overfill due to the low location of the bottom of the elephant’s trunk. Overall, people loved the elephant watering can… Particularly the ones who got the watering can with the fill hole on the top!

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